Club-E is software as a Service provider (SAAS)

CLUB-E Mission

Electric mobility is the only practical and affordable solution in existence today to our planet's transport related environmental challenges. And We want to at center of Action.

Why CLUB-E, Electric Mobility/Anything Delivery.

You May be surprised and shocked, but Pollution has become quite an Epidemic, a Killer. Millions of people have lost lives in India ,USA, Asia, China, and the world over. There are millions who are becoming victims of diseases every day! Lancet punch the reputed Medical reporter stated this. Millions of people have died and will die. The numbers are higher than deaths from Malaria, Typhoid, Aids, Death by pollution is 3 times higher than these diseases. in Developing countries out of 6 deaths 1 death is due to Pollution, alarming. Cardiovascular issues, Lungs problems, cancer, skin and throat allergy, mental and psychological issues, and eczema and fast aging, loss of appetite, oh the list is long.

So We care we are ELECTRIC Mobility company who wants to play a major role on ROAD, In AIR & in SEA, world over in improving the health of people by reducing pollution. We want to Increase the revenue of Captains, lower the cost for riders, & provide safe, healthy rides and last mile rides and ANYTHING Delivery.

Go For RIDE / Go For DRIVE / Go For Fly

Worlds First All Electric Mobility - we care for Environment,we care for You!

Your personal ride for any occasion

Schedule a personal, stress-free ride at an affordable price to pull up and take you anywhere you need to go with a single tap.

Download our app from Above Link for Rider.

Be your own boss

Introducing Club-E. The captain subscription plan where you keep 100% with no commission.

Download our app from Above Link for Diver.

Your personal ride for any occasion


Tap the app and request a captain to pull up to your location. Payments are made easily through the app.

Anytime you want

Errands to run? Meeting up with friends? Commuting to work? Reliable rides whatever the route.


From economically efficient vehicles, to luxury, Club-E has a car to match any occasion — anytime.

Be your own boss

Captain subscription

The captain subscription plan. The first in the rideshare industry that benefits the captains and puts more money back in their pockets. 100% revenue retained by Captain/Owner, we charge only daily/weekly Subscription fees of $ 15 per day USA, India Rs 15 per day for Cars and Rs 15 for Rickshaws. For anything delivery Rs 15 daily India & $ 15 USA


As a captain, the app is simple and easy to use. Just tap the app on your mobile device, go online and start earning.


Drive anytime you want day or night and set your own schedule. captains now have the opportunity to maximize their earnings.

Air E Mobility

Further in year 2019/20, we will introduce Electric Volocopter, 2 passenger vtol with 18 miles range for cities. From skyscraper to skyscraper, from one end of the tunnel to skyscraper, from one end of Riverbank to Just opp end. From skyscraper to Airport, just imagine, road congestion, noise & air pollution will be reduced. The vision integrates air taxis into existing transportation systems and provides additional mobility for up to 10.000 passengers per day with a single point to point connection.

What makes us different?

We don't charge any fare percentages, charge only daily subscription from captains, as well as offer reliable, safe, healthy, and cost-effective rides for everyone. we're the new way to go. We care about Environment - all Cars /Rickshaws will be traded into E-Cars, over a period of time. All our Captains and engaged riders will be equity holders/proud owners, treated with Respect. Our peak time rates marginally higher, Riders get lower rates. Trust, confidence, loyalty. E-mobility in Air too with volocopter by 2020. And we deliver ANYTHING!, with same rates like ride!

SimpliFied For You

Tap the app and request a captain to pull up to your location. Payments are made easily through the app.

Always On The Call

Having a problem with the service? Contact us—we're fast, and responsive. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or a non-working holiday, our customer service will find a solution for you right away.

Anytime Anywhere

Errands to run? Meeting up with friends? Commuting to work? Reliable rides whatever the route.

Commited To Your Safety

We are committed to making sure you have the best and safest experience wherever the destination.

Drive With What You Have

Drive with what you have. Drive with cars/Rickshaw from the year 2006. This and more for a low flat rate of $15 per day so you can put more money in your pockets! But remember all vehicles need to be traded in for ELECTRIC ASAP

Earn Extra Money On Your Schedule

You control your cash flow with Club-E. Our app was designed so that captains can put more money back in their pockets.

Value For Your Money

Hassle free payment with a credit or debit card. Referral bonuses and incentives are always up for grabs and credited to your account for future rides.

We're For The People

We would love to hear from you. If you have any concern regarding your ride or captain, you can contact us directly through our customer care via online or by phone.


Daily/Weekly subscription/Ownership model for Captains of Cars and Rickshaws, Scooters, Captains retain 100% of revenue. We aim to achieve loyalty, with Mission to go for Electric, reducing pollution, sensible business, lower expenses and HIGHER profitability. Battery Swapping for E Rickshaws and E charging for Cars at Key city points.

Our Captains, of cars and Rickshaws will deliver anything, in city 24 hrs. Business will be rewarding!