Smart Bill Board

Smart Bill Board

Our in-depth analytics platform enables you to precisely measure where and when your campaign will have the highest impact throughout the city.

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Global Billboard and Outdoor Advertising Market: Snapshot

A billboard is referred to as a large structure for outdoor advertising, basically found in areas where the traffic is considerably high such as beside busy highways or roads. It exhibits huge advertisings to passing pedestrians and drivers. Billboards are visible highly in the leading market areas exhibiting large and distinctive visuals with seemingly witty slogans. These type of advertisements are intended for the purpose of catching the attention of people at a blink of an eye and thus have a lasting impact on the mind of the reader. These type of advertisements usually comprise few words, a large print, and a significantly humorous or arresting image in a bold and vivid color so that it can be easily read by the people passing by at a rather high speed on the highways.

with ip we can change ad on transit , hoardings, stations , bus depots etc, above cars and rickshaws

- OOH advertising spend to soar to US $45.46 billion by 2021

OOH advertising is now a US $29 billion market, responsible for approximately 6 percent of the $500 billion global advertising spend; and its revenue is expected to grow by 10 percent per year in the next five years to reach US $45.46 billion by 2021, Intelligence’s study predicts.

Global Outdoor Advertising Market Projected to Be Worth USD 45.46 Billion by 2021: Technavio

Based on advertising type, the report categorizes the global outdoor advertising market into the following segments:

  • Billboards
  • Shelters
  • Transit displays
  • Street furniture

The top three revenue-generating advertising type segments in the global outdoor advertising market are discussed below:


“Billboard advertising is the dominant segment of the global market, generating over 71% of the overall revenue. Since billboard advertising is very cost-effective and provides a large reach, it is the most popular outdoor advertising platform,” says Ujjwal Doshi, a lead analyst at Technavio for publishing and advertising research.

The market segment is forecast to show stagnant growth over the forecast period, reaching about USD 31.19 billion by 2021. Repetition is an important criterion that the adopters of billboard signs need to consider, since consumers, on an average, need to see the message 20 times before acting on it.


Shelter advertisements are located in areas which receive a high number of footfalls, such as anchor stores, food courts, and sports arenas. Shelter displays include kiosks, display screens, free-standing displays, and wall-mounted displays. The shelter advertising platform is very influential on purchasing decision of consumers, since they are customized for the specific customer demographic. Though this medium of outdoor advertising is very effective, it is relatively more expensive, which limits its takers.

Transit displays

“Transit display advertisements will be the fastest growing segment of the market, showcasing a CAGR of almost 7% over the forecast period. Transit advertising involves the display of ads on vehicles such as buses, taxis, and trains,” says Ujjwal.

The market segment is driven by the increased investments by governments for the development of transportation infrastructure in countries such as India, China, and Brazil. Also, the increasing on-road and air traffic is expected to positively impact the transit display advertising.


Driver meets a certain threshold for hours on the road, the company will pay them a flat fee to carry its advertising


One of the main goals is to allow drivers for Uber, Lyft , ola , rickshaws and cars, and other ride-hailing services to make more money. In fact, CLUB-E assumes that, the average driver in its network will be able to earn an additional $300 per month.


Being the first at building out the IP is going to be the main differentiator,company that will make both its own hardware while also building its own advertising network isn’t a normal venture capital bet. . “Ad-tech for the last decade has gotten just killed. It feels, there should be opportunity there if you own the supply.”


CLUB-E vision is to turn the ridesharing cars- Rickshaws (or any other delivery platform’s drivers) into roving smart , connected billboards, , with a conscience.

The company will sell advertising inventory and targets it to certain geo-fenced areas, so an alcohol advertisement doesn’t roll past a school, for example. we will also reserve 10% of our inventory for non-profits and public sector PSAs, meaning an Amber Alert could interrupt an ad for a clothing retailer. For any unsold inventory, another 10% is allocated to non-chain small businesses to advertise local coffee shops or boutiques.

Outdoor advertising is actually a growing sector with ad spend expected to increase by 3% in 2018,according to Zenith . So CLUb-E wants to help drivers also cash in. It’s free for drivers to sign up for the install, and then they earn a set rate. The company only works with full-time drivers that drive at least 40 hours a week, and E -CLUB predicts , drivers on average earn an extra $300 a month.

Earn more while you drive.

CLUB-E can help you supercharge your income while you go about your day

Empowering cities.

we will be offering our platform to help cities generate a variety of smart city data, which ranges from block-by-block air quality to pedestrian movement. A must for smart cities

Data driven impressions.

Our in-depth analytics platform enables you to precisely measure where and when your campaign will have the highest impact throughout the city .

The club-E will also be collecting a lot of data, ranging from air pollution statistics to temperature to using an accelerometer to tell if a driver hit a pothole, and is partnering with cities and organizations to help them understand the environments better. It’s a treasure trove of data

Anywhere. Any time.

With hundreds of CLUB-ES navigating the roads of day and night, your content is able to shine in the most relevant location to you, at the most effective time.

It will look like this !


150 Million

Impressions/month over

650,000 Hours

of content played over

40,000 Sq mi

of coverage