Our in-depth analytics platform enables you to precisely measure where and when your campaign will have the highest impact throughout the city.

Rideshare advertising features on Uber & Lyft ,ola, Cars & Rickshaw

  • Guaranteed Viewability. Average trip in City lasts over 20 minutes – more than enough time to communicate your messaging.
  • Robust Targeting. Reach the right audience at the right time and place, powered by our Smart IP Technology.
  • Affluent Audience. 75% of all vehicle based trips end at a point-of-sale, and most rideshare passengers are millennials that make at least $71k per year.
  • Quality Analytics. Real-time analytics including guaranteed impressions, clicks, passenger engagement.
  • Customized Campaigns. Complete management of campaign.

We help brands reach their audience in real life

When you are looking to engage with consumers in real life, there aren’t many better than the affluent rideshare passenger.and people who walk on busy streets or events venue,malls, movies sports etc .About 75% of all vehicle based trips end at a point of sale – your brand could be influencing them before they buy