Savings For Captains

Based on Driving 15,000 miles annually Small Sedan Average

Cost Per Mile 46.4 cents 60.8 cents
Cost Per Year $6,967 $9,122

First, the biggest savings: no more expensive gas. With 100 miles using 34kWh (about 100 MPG) and electricity costing an average of $0.12/kWh, the yearly cost to drive a Tesla Model S 85D 15,000 miles is $612. Compare that to Toyota (TM) Camry's 30 MPG and an average cost of gas of $2.40 per gallon.

Club-E Savings - As such all payments where Drivers provide services to riders, go directly to drivers/Captains, We will take away the fraction of receipts as savings - like Captain receiving $5.40 cents the .60 cents will go to wallet of Captain and will allow to be accumulated to $ 1000 which will be available to withdrawal thereafter in USA and In India Rs 1000., the fraction of Rupee paise will be retained savings with 1 rupee minimum.