Captain and customers acquisition strategy


1) We will contact inIndia Unions. FB, whats up contact pamphlets - We gather all data - Name add, Email, PHone, vehicle details, make, year, condition, ownership, how many installments pending, license, area of operations, working FT/PT.
2) Interest in going for Electric, down payment available, ready for trade in - expected price.
3) We will have conference of Captains in Each city,and Retreat E Club formation.

Strategy to acquire captains/Drivers

  • 100 % revenue to be retained by them.
  • We will charge Rs 15(INDIA) or $ 15 (USA) per day as subscription fees
  • Compensation against lost days due to technical issues with vehicle max 3 days - 30% of average revenue
  • Equity offering in company - making them owners- so value. dividend - advantage investment of rs 1000 India, $ 1000 USA
  • Free cruise trip to GOA after competing 1 year and doing business for 300 days atleast. Miami trip in USA
  • Income from selling water and snacks
  • Income from Any Time Delivery in city, Who enroll in this additional PLATFORM,subscription charge of Rs 10 per day in India and $ 10 in USA will be applied.
  • Regular quarterly meetings with captains by city Managers, and monthly interaction by phone.
  • Best performing captains who generate revenue for 365 full days their installment /lease per month will be paid by Club-E for 6 months - after 2 years with CLUb-E
  • CLUB-E Retreat - 24x7 in each major city where members can play Table tennis/pool, have tea/coffee, snacks, network, watch tv, shower, sleep for 2 hrs
  • ANYTHING DELIVERY - Extra solid revenue, same like Riding Charge

Riders Acquisition

  • We will work with Drivers to offer 1 st, 10 th, 20, 50, and 100 trip or ANYTHING delivery free in city to the tune of max rs 30 In India, USA $15
  • Once trip booked, it will not be cancelled by Captains, except in case of unavoidable circumstances. So peace of mind.
  • Safety all verified captains, + Cameras in all vehicles
  • Pollution free, quiet ride as we migrate to Electric
  • Lower cost, as peak time escalation will be minimum
  • Lower riding cost after adoption to Electric
  • Payment th Paytm, Credit Card, Cash, PayPal
  • Anything delivery, quick reliable, convenient, economical, can be traced on map in APP
  • Qualified rider will get access to 24x7 CLUB-E retreat, tv, tea, coffee, snacks, internet, 2 hrs sleep, shower, networking. Can be intercity pick up point also.
  • CLUB-E -concierge at all imp malls and theaters, bus stations, airports, train stations to assist.

India :

  • Dec 18 - signing up with 3000 Rickshaws in Surat 1000 Cars
  • Mumbai, FIRST Q 2019 Rickshaws and cars


  • Atlanata - Miami, NJ Social media sign up and conference in Feb/March 19

Captains : We will have Default tipping, In ride tipping, default rating. Data regarding demand prediction like festivals, religious activities, Marriage, conferences, shows, Holidays, tourists season, Weather alert, will be provided to captains.

Riders : Will be rated by Captains and Riders will earn Coins/Equity if they get 5 star rating.

Business case E Rickshaw

5000 petrol Rickshaw consume- 20000 liters of petrol - 46 tonnes of CO2 per day quarter million Rickshaw India=2 million co2 per day- - environmental hazard .CNG also Emits CO2, higher maintenance cost

E Rickshaw - Cost .50 Paise per km against CNG .96 to rupee, Petrol. RS 1.50 pkm and E - lower Maintenance - Swapping of Battery 0- CO2 - no air, no noise pollution, Cheaper Anything delivery at cost of Ride - faster - economic - Last mile delivery


A security token offering ICCO Initial convertible coins, refers to the sale of tokens that can represent a company’s equity and thrives within a fully compliant trading ecosystem. Security token offerings create the high-demand for a system that allows functionalities and benefits that traditional stock market cannot provide.

In other words, security token ( ICCO-Initial convertible Coin) offerings combine aspects of ICOs with IPOs to provide the seemingly perfect balance between gaining access to capital at a low-cost while remaining compliant with securities laws. This is achieved through security tokens which are essentially digital, liquid contracts for fractions of any asset that already has value (think a real estate property, a car, a painting, equity in a company, etc.).

These tokens are meant to operate more like traditional securities and to meet all the requirements of the SEC. Examples of this would include the Venezuelan government’s oil-backed Petro coin. To put this into perspective, data from the first security token platform- Polymath shows that security token offerings will prevail on the market by 2020 and will be more than $10 trillion.

Let’s have a detailed look at the benefits of Security Token Offering ICCO (Intial convertible coin) convertible in to equity

Benefits of ICCO

  • Fractionalization of Assets- ICCO means that fractional ownership of a real asset can be denominated in tokens and consequently, investors can expect that their ownership stake is preserved on the blockchain ledger.
  • Greater transparency- Just like shareholders, the security token holders can vote in the decisions of the start-up/company as they see fit and this helps ensure transparency.
  • ICCOs are regulated- The issue with ICOs is that utility tokens are unregulated and this means that business organizations raising capital can easily bypass institutional finance alongside the costs and accountability required. But with ICCO, the picture is totally different as it’s safer to raise funds. Security token offerings are fully compliant with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) laws and this helps create stable conditions needed to run a company.
  • Improved market efficiency- Security token/ICCO offerings provide security to investors with its recognizable structure and its affiliated technological advancement, and as a result, investors will trust our project and definitely invest in it.The point here is that Security Token offering creates a supportive ecosystem that merges the traditional financial market and the cryptocurrency market together, for the betterment of both. This means that projects with real value and which decides to go the ICO route are the only ones that will benefit and those that are just seeking a quick fundraising route will not succeed this time round.