Safety For Rider-Customers

Safety begins long before the ride starts. Learn about how we keep our riders safe.

Thorough screening process for captains

Captains are subject to a rigorous background check, including a review of the following records:

  1. County courthouse records
  2. Federal courthouse records
  3. Multi-State Criminal Database
  4. National Sex Offender
  5. Registry screen
  6. Social Security Trace (lifetime)
  7. Motor Vehicle Records (historical and ongoing)

Our captains are safer

Our captains must have clean records. Captains must not have committed any of the following offenses in the last 7 years:

  1. DUI or other drug related charges
  2. Severe infractions
  3. Hit and runs
  4. Fatal accidents
  5. Reckless driving
  6. Gun related violations
  7. Other serious infractions

When our captains are offline

When the captain is unavailable to receive calls, they are covered under their own policy.

When our captains are between rides

When the captain is available and accepting calls, Club-E provides an additional level of insurance. This contingent liability policy provides the following coverage for captains:

  1. Up to $50K per person (bodily injury)
  2. Up to $100K per accident (bodily injury)
  3. Up to $25K (property damage)

When your captain is en route

Once our captain accepts your call, we provide an additional layer of insurance. At this point, our insurance policy provides coverage for the following:

  1. Commercial Auto Liability and UM/UIM that covers up to $1MM per occurrence.
  2. Contingent Comprehensive and Collision coverage covering up to $50K per occurrence.

You're covered during the ride

From the moment your ride starts, our goal is to provide the maximum level of protection for both you and the captain. Club-E provides coverage in the following areas during your ride:

  1. Commercial auto liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage up to $1MM per occurrence (this covers you as a rider)
  2. Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage up to $50K per occurrence

Our concern about your safety and comfort doesn’t end with the ride.

Your safety and privacy is our priority

All calls and messages between captain and rider occur through our secure app. We will always ensure your private information stays that way.

Riders and captains rate each other

Our anonymous rating system lets both riders and captains leave honest feedback. This helps to ensure that our captains are motivated to give you the highest quality ride.

We’ll get your stuff back to you

If you leave anything behind, our captains and support staff will do their best to ensure your item’s safe return.